Child Indian Costume


Information Child Indian Costume Information Child Indian Costume One group would defend on spot of the yard while the others had theirs. Why exactly the robbers followed the rules and stayed in jail until they were rescued by the other robbers, we're not sure we ever understood. If we caught them, ha. Now they were aliens and we would either escape back into the community to pretend that we were humans or, perhaps, we'd team up to catch the survivors of humanity. We needed to invent new rules and create some unique characters to make the game more exciting. We'd have to sneak into the other area to either snatch secret resources or kidnap one of the other team and either hold them hostage or even convince them to join the others side. Tag wasn't ever enough. We'd occasionally be slimy aliens hunting down fleeing citizens. It's been a long time since we were kids, playing a bunch of rampant chasing games in the back yard. Other times we'd play cops and robbers and our job would be to get to the tree to 'rob' it and then escape the officers sent to capture us and bring us back to jail. Why play by the rules at that point, after all.? And, of course, there were the ongoing conflicts between the cowboys and indians, the whole game inspired by Old Western movies where the two opposing forces rarely saw eye to eye. ..More Info
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