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I constantly receive interesting feedback from readers of my ebooks and articles on the different topics I write about. Once in awhile I receive mails I feel, I need to share their content with others because of the interesting information contained in them. I recently received one of such mails from a reader in Auckland, New Zealand. Her letter touched on one of the reasons why people lose their fitness.

The reason I found this mail quite interesting, is because of the way it connects the subject of fitness to stability in relationships. I will write more about this later in this article. I hope you will be able to benefit from the information contained in this short piece. Below are excerpts from her e-mail:

"I have always tried to keep a normal weight and fitness level, but I had neglected my body for a while. I got so comfortable in my relationship, that I started neglecting my body. I used to be a very active individual, exercise on a weekly basis to keep my body fit. Why did I start neglecting my regular fitness routine?

I started neglecting my fitness because of emotional issues that developed in my marriage. Sometime ago, I started noticing a coldness from my husband. He suddenly became so distant from me. I decided to overlook things, but this was a wrong move because we stopped communicating as well as we used to. He became very unromantic and I in response to this stayed away from him as much as I could. We started quarreling over little things.

There was serious tension in our relationship for months as things deteriorated. I knew we couldn't continue like this, so I asked him why he's feelings towards me had changed. First he didn't want to talk, but after much pressure and harsh exchange of words between us, he revealed that our relationship had become boring and so predictable. This really shook me, because he was right, things had actually become predictable.

The worst part of all this was that I noticed he stayed out late at night and started receiving nightly calls from some lady. He refused to talk about it when I confronted him. This went on and created more tension between us. I knew our relationship was heading for the rocks, but I didn't know what to do to prevent this fom happening.

Our relationship continued in this manner for months. During this period, I felt really low, slowed down on my daily activities and ignored my normal fitness training. Of course , I started adding the extra pounds. I gained a lot of extra weight.

To cut a long story short, a few weeks back while going through my daily email, I saw a letter in my mailbox informing me that a friend of my was recommending a website to me to visit. I was your website. I read the Free information you provided through your infidelity prevention series. I also read your book on infidelity prevention.

I followed just a few of the tips you gave in strengthening my relationship. I especially enjoyed the romance enhancement tips, such as; complimenting him in public for things he did at home. I bought a domain name "www.his-name.com" and had a website designed in his honor, praising him for all his love and support.

I would send him romantic messages on his mobile phone thanking and commending him for working so hard in providing for our family. I also decided to start feeling good about myself, started my exercise routine again and thus started losing weight. I got some new exciting clothes too, which he noticed. I did some other things you wrote about too.

I immediately started noticing more love and attention from him. He even apologized to me for his behavior the last couple of months. Things have greatly improved in our relationship. Just felt you would like to know that I got him back on track by doing some simple romantic things and by feeling good about myself and getting fit again through my daily exercise routine.

My advice to women is don't ignore yourself. Take good care of your body, get infidelity prevention information and stay fit. This way, your romance will blossom too."

Now, what interested me about her mail was the way her weight and fitness issues was strongly connected the issue of infidelity. The tension at home and the risk of losing her man to another woman created a bad situation that made her neglect her passion for staying fit and healthy.

The fear of infidelity can badly affect your health, but the great news is that infidelity can be prevented in relationships. You only need to get the necessary information to avoid its sometimes devastating effect on the family. Wishing you all the best in your fitness and infidelity prevention efforts.

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