Measuring Toughness Using Microhardness Testers


Microhardness Testers (MHT) are used to judge and signify the rigidity and stiffness of materials. This is usually done by creating a localized point of penetration by making use of a standardized rounded or pointed indenter made of carbide, diamond or hard steel.

The tester is basically an instrument of accuracy used to verify the micro mechanical characteristics of thin external layer and substrates. With MHT, you can determine qualities like hardness and Young's modulus of almost all sorts of materials - tough, supple, fragile or soft.

How much load can MHT bear?

The amount may vary from 10mN to 30N. Such a wide range of load carrying capacity allows a measurement of coatings down to 1 or 2 microns without being affected by the material of the substrate. The Microhardness Testers is competent enough to carry out all ASTM tests and is quite able to meet up the space between conventional and mechanized indentation procedures. A standard micro hardness test like fracture toughness can be readily used by way of a dynamic mode. This is because the depth curve for some of the materials will readily exhibit the commencement of cracking in the stuff.

Essential features of Microhardness Testers

- Depth verses low curves

- Fracture toughness measurements

- Nano hardness, nano scratch

- Hardness and Young's modulus

- Mapping option

- Unique Z automatic motorized approach

- Creep, stiffness and fatigue tests

- Integrated Video Zoom Microscope for easy determination of optical failure

- Sample Heating and cooling holder from -196C to 400C.

- Possibility to add Micro Scratch Capability Spherical, Vickers, Knoop and Berkovitch micro indentations

General applications of Microhardness Testers

- In the field of general engineering, Microhardness Testers act as a measuring tool for rubber resistance

- It measures various wear resistant coatings like TiN, DiC, DLC and cutting tools

- Pharmalogically Microhardness Testers are used to assess tablets and pills, implants and biological tissue

- Its assessment of decorative coatings like evaporated metal coatings is also quite appropriate

- In automobiles, Microhardness Testers are used to measure the thickness of paints and polymers or varnishes and finishes

- A Microhardness tester can significantly measures the thickness of windowpanes

This unique tool is easy to use with maximum accuracy and precision.

Author: Robert Allen

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