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Fleas, Rats And The Plague

Fleas are tiny, biting pest that jump from one host to the other and can spread disease each time it bites. Fleas can carry tapeworm larvae and they can cause an allergic reaction in people and pets when they bite. Fleas can also cause other serious health conditions such as anemia in. ..

Gear New Wood Looking Over a Pier and Boats Bath Mat Rug Small

Pneumonia, A General Look Over Its Symptoms And Treatment

Parasites and bacteria can cause many types of infections in the body. If this infection is located in the lungs, then the disease is called pneumonia, and if its left untreated, it can become pretty serious. When bacteria and viruses enter the lungs, they cause an inflammation first.. ..

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Ayurvedic Treatments For Arthritis: Old Is New

Sometimes what modern man considered the “old ways” of healing have a way of coming round to be known as the “new way“. Such is the case with Ayurvedic Medicine Treatments for Arthritis. Based on ancient Brahmin Indian treatments 3,000 to 4,000 years old, this holistic. ..


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